Thank you for your informative notes and your interesting lecture
which I thoroughly enjoyed. Although I thought I knew a fair amount
about nutrition ( educated in the days when ” domestic science” was
still part of the curriculum!) there was a lot in your lecture I
didn’t know about and opened my eyes to some bad habits of mine.
Very much enjoyed the delicious lunch also… Very colourful and fresh
and also loved the wheat free bread!

Finally the exercise…..Well it took me 2 days to be able to walk
down stairs without holding the bannisters, but apart from that it was
good fun! The time passed quickly…could hardly believe two hours had
passed. I thought the young man that took the class was very
personable and encouraging and also able to accommodate different
fitness levels within the class very effectively. I was also very glad
it wasn’t raining as I am well past my prime and the old bod has
several creaky bits!
All in all a most enjoyable day….thank you!
Shan from Kemble

“I was told I had a tumour on my right ovary and should have surgery to have it removed. I saw Kate several times over six months. Kate changed my diet introducing loads of nutrient dense foods and removing foods that were processed and packaged. Kate taught me what to eat and when to eat them. Kate also told me that my stress levels were extremely high and suggested ways in reducing them whilst balancing my blood sugar levels. Kate suggested I take up yoga and get plenty of fresh air and learn how to meditate. I began to feel much more relaxed with loads more energy and after 3 months discovered that my tumour had shrunk. I am really grateful to Kate for all her help.”
Rita in Epsom

“I am DELIGHTED with what I have learned about nutrition from you, Kate. It really has transformed my life. The whole experience of boot camp was INCREDIBLE and by far the hardest thing I have ever done (I sailed the Atlantic twice, climbed mountains and passed a medical degree at 42 and still the hardest!).
Ever since I can remember, I have yearned to have a good diet but have never known how to do it and have always felt a little embarrassed
about confronting it. No breakfast, no morning appetite, convenience foods, yoghurts and sandwiches with the odd packet of biscuits and baked potato with tuna thrown in here and there just about describes my diet. I actually look forward to food now. I plan my meals and know what to look for. I am becoming a nutrition bore. My friends and family are absolutely amazed at the transformation and I cannot begin to describe the changes since your talks and the food on boot camp.
I am AMAZED at how I continue to lose weight despite eating more and now I know what people mean when they say this. I have you to thank for all of this”.

Louise in Exeter.

“Kate has been supportive and encouraging. Her consultations are always informative, highly educational and thoroughly enjoyable. She is able to explain nutritional theory in a plain straightforward manner. Her consultations always include thought provoking hints to encourage a better diet which over the past 12 months have motivated me to lose 2 stone in weight and keep it off”.
Caroline in Pinner

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