Kate Fitzpatrick our resident nutritionist at Body Beautiful Boot Camp will shock you when she tells you that two of the staple foods from our diet are slowly killing the population! Kate will tell you how to eliminate these foods and more from your diet whilst suggesting tasty healthy alternatives. You will learn why some foods are good for you and why some are not. You will learn what systems of the body must be kept clean at all times and why and how many people fall into the trap of Yo-yo dieting only to Yo-yo straight back to their original weight and more when they step back into the real world. Dieting is not the answer! Changing food habits is.

Not only will Kate educate you on your eating (and drinking) habits she will assess each and every client to determine individually what is right and wrong for each.

What do we mean by Nutrition?

The Science of Nutrition entails the study of all processes of growth, maintenance and repair of the living
body which depend upon the intake of food, and therefore the study of that food. You are what you eat!

Evidence demonstrates the part that nutrition plays in the prevention of a wide range of illnesses. Many health complaints are also influenced by nutrition. It is no longer the case that a “balanced” diet is sufficient to meet all of our nutritional requirements. Government surveys have found nutrient deficiencies to be common in up to 50% of the population!

Modern farming techniques, food refining and processing have resulted in the loss of significant quantities of nutrients from our food. Storage in the shop, as well as in the home, cooking, light and heat can also lead to further loss. Exposure to pollution and stress increase the need for nutrients, while alcohol and stimulants such as cigarrettes, tea and coffee can decrease their absorption .

A reduced ability to digest food and absorb nutrients can also be a significant factor in nutritional deficiencies.

Consequences of Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition and deficiencies may initially result in minor ailments but in the longer term they can be a factor in the development of disorders such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, macular degeneration and diabetes.

Individual nutritional requirements differ because of our different body chemistries resulting from factors such as genetic make up, medical history, age, and the ageing process, gender, present and past dietary patterns and environmental factors. Therefore the same diet is not appropriate for everybody and the needs of individuals can change over time.

Are you losing the weight? – BODY BEAUTIFUL BOOT CAMP SHOWS YOU HOW!

Book a one to one consultation with Kate our clinical nutritional therapist to get a tailor made nutritional package to run alongside your exercise regime. This will help you achieve your goals in terms of exercise/weight control and individual nutritional needs.

Fact: Exercise is good for your health – any exercise is better than none

Fact: if you don’t change your diet, even while increasing your exercise, you may not lose weight!

However, as you know it’s still worth exercising for health and just feeling better.

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