Hair Analysis

Getting to the root of your problem!

Let Body Beautiful Boot Camp help you back on to the path to feeling great.

How would you feel if you knew you could have more energy than ever before? What would you say if you knew that there was a simple, natural test you could do which would improve your health 100%?

No one needs to live with any “condition”. If someone is experiencing a “symptom” then something, somewhere in the body is going wrong whether it be weight control to recurring infections that prevent you from living your life to the full.

BBBC is proud to announce the launch of Integral Health’s revolutionary and unique DNA Health Hair test within every one of their boot camps. BBBC is the only boot camp to provide this health assessment.

Integral Health’s hair test identifies the major problems within the body which may be preventing you form obtaining optimum health.

The test is performed using only a few strands of hair with the root ball intact, using the Integral Hair Analysis Protocol, plus the Cellular Frequency Scanner, which makes accurate energy assessment from the cells contained within the root of your hair.

The test will provide you with your health assessment at the time of testing; a personalised prescription to alleviate the health problem and a list of your food allergies/intolerances/vitamin and mineral deficiencies, along with information on which foods to start including in your diet and those to eliminate or reduce. Delicious recipes are provided for you to take home, which take into account all different types of food intolerances. Kate Fitzpatrick will provide you with a future plan of how to stay healthy.

Please note that hair tests cost £70.00 and are done in conjunction with a ‘One to One Nutritional Consultation’ which we have on offer at the moment for £59.00.

Contact BBBC now to find out how to have your hair analysed.

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