Special Offers


Spring Deals
      1. £90.00 from Saturday, 1st April 2017 to Friday, 30th June 2017  – payable either in full, 1st April 2017 or in 2 payments of £45.00 one, 1st April 2017 and then one, 31st May 2017 ……this package enables you to attend as many available sessions as you want in any location between the dates stated.  *This is the price for attending two or three sessions per week at any of our locations.


        1. £45.00 from Saturday, 1st April 2017 to Friday, 30th June 2017  – payable in full, 1st April 2016  – this package enables you to attend one session per week at any location between the dates stated.  *Please note you don’t have to stick to the same day or same location. 


* If you miss the start of the Spring Deal then just e-mail me at info@bodybeautifulbootcamp.co.uk and I will advise you of your options.


If you need more information on any of our packages then please just get in touch info@bodybeautifulbootcamp.co.uk


One to One Nutritional Consultation with Kate Fitzpatrick

£60.00 (usually £85.00)………minimum 1 hour of a personal nutritional consultation with Kate Fitzpatrick.

One to One Personal Training (2 for the price of 1)

10 sessions = £350

– includes 1 hour of intensive personalised exercise at any of our boot camp locations. If you have a friend who wants to join you we will do 2 for the price of 1.
**Please note that the 10 sessions has to be paid up front. If you want to pay for one session at a time the price will be £40.00 per session.


Free Taster Session

45 minutes to 1 hour of intensive group exercise to see if you like us before signing up for the New Year Deal or the package of 8 or 10 sessions.  
**Please note this does not include the ‘Introductory Offer’ or any other special promotions on the internet. 


Please pay below or visit our Prices page to see other methods of payment for any of these amazing Special Offers 


Payment Options

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