Juice PLUS+

Juice PLUS+ comes to Body Beautiful Boot Camp.


Kate Fitzpatrick our nutritionist has the following message for everybody:-

“As Body Beautiful Boot Camp’s residential nutritionist, I strive to improve people’s health and lifestyles.  There is no getting away from the fact that exercise helps us to stay active whilst promoting weight loss and weight management. However, we have to look at what we eat as well and with Summer holidays nearly upon us, how many of you are already wanting to lose weight.  Did you stick to your New Resolutions at the beginning of 2016? Many of you did by continuing to attend boot camp regularly and adapt to a healthier food regime.  Several of you undertook massive physical challenges and  reached your goals and you should all be very proud of the results you achieved!

However, how many of you are still looking to lose weight, gain more energy and still haven’t started exercising? Now is the time to take a realistic view of your health in terms of exercise and diet.

As a nutritionist I have looked at every product (worldwide) that promises to help with weight loss; increase energy and claim to support pre and post workouts and until now I haven’t felt able to promote any! But finally I have found Juice PLUS+ the only company whose products I endorse.

Juice PLUS+ contains a great variety of nutrients in a natural wholefood formula.  The key ingredients are the Juice PLUS+ fruit, vegetables and berries, only picked when in season for maximum nutrient content; packed with antioxidants/vitamins and minerals in their most natural state.

  • Juice PLUS+ helps with weight loss
  • Juice PLUS+ aids pre and post workout sessions
  • Juice PLUS+ helps to reduce oxidative stress
  • Juice PLUS+ improves the immune system
  • Juice PLUS+ promotes healthy glowing skin
  • Juice PLUS+ has positive effects on several cardiovascular health indicators
  • Juice PLUS+ exerts a positive influence on various systemic inflammation markers that help to prevent injury during exercise.

I ran the London Marathon in 2014 and found that Juice PLUS+ taken as pre and post workout shakes and Juice PLUS+capsules  dramatically improved my energy and endurance whilst training.

There are lots of testimonials of weight loss with Juice PLUS+. Many of my clients have tried everything to lose weight, turning to fad diets/ yo yo dieting, where they initially lose weight easily but always gain weight and more when they stop the diet. Juice PLUS+ is completely different.  Weight loss is maintained, blood sugars are balanced, energy restored, leaving my clients looking and feeling great.”

Every one at BBBC takes the Juice PLUS+ capsules and definitely feel energised by them.


Check out my website: www.juiceplus.co.uk/+kf37850 and contact me for further information.


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