1 x Nutrition Initial Consultation (90mins)
1 x Nutrition Follow Up Consultation (60mins)
4 x Personal Training Sessions (60 mins each)

All for £200.00 – (Save £60.00)


– Improve your body composition and gain knowledge for life with:
1 x Nutritional Initial Consultation
3 x Nutritional Follow Up sessions (every 2 weeks)
5 x 60 minute personal training sessions
+ your choice of 1 extra nutrition or personal training session

All for £340.00 – (Save £80.00)


There is no ‘one size fits all’ diet – an individual is just that- an INDIVIDUAL…
and at BodyBeautifulBootcamp, for each client we create nutritional plans taking into account the daily requirement of calories and macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) and micronutrients (vitamin’s and minerals) that they need according to their:

– Stage of Life – e.g. Pregnant, weaning, child, adult, elderly

– Present Health Status – e.g. Under/Overweight, digestive issues, eating disorders, auto-immunity, hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, arthritis, allergies, inflammation, adrenal fatigue etc.
How many large weightloss empires actually consider these factors when distributing their meal plans?  It’s always all about the calories alone, which OK, in the short term will lose weight for anyone (note the term weight not fat), but in the long term, usually stresses the body, weightloss plateaus and becomes even more difficult to reach long term goals. At BBBC we focus on individual, healthy, nutritional eating, specific to the individual, which in turn promotes healing and rebalancing leading to fat loss and better health for the long term.

– Lifestyle/Energy Expenditure – e.g. BMR – number of calories required to maintain the current weight is different for a growing child than a 50 year old.  Sedentary or active lifestyle. Especially important for leisure and elite athletes who are concerned with timing of meals and snacks during training and competition stages.

– Personal Preferences and Behaviours – e.g. Food likes and dislikes, causes of food and drink bingeing, appetite regulation, client’s diet history and any intolerances/allergies. What is the current diet like and why? What resources and knowledge do they have? Can they cook?

– Goals and Aspirations – What inspires our clients here at BBBC? What are their short, medium and long term goals?   What are their reasons for a change – their WHY’S?!


Client 1) IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) – 34 male – City worker.
– Remove offending foods and inflammatory triggers and give replacement ideas eg:
– Promotion of foods with the qualities of enhancing gut flora and healing gut lining.
– Quick and easy meals, alongside easily transportable options for the commuter.
– Blood sugar balancing options.

Client 2) Recent weight gain/menopausal – 52 female – looking to ‘shape up’ and reduce stress levels
– Inclusion of phyto-oestrogens to help regulate oestrogen fluctuations (hot flushes/low mood etc).
– Liver detoxificating, enhancing and “regulating” foods.
– Nutrition to support the adrenal glands (adrenals are strained due to loss of oestrogen production from the ovaries).
– Blood sugar balancing options.

Obviously there are a lot more health issues that can be corrected with an individual healthy, nutritional diet and fitness programme.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any particular health issues that you feel could benefit from an individual  healthy nutrition and fitness programme.  Because an Individual is just that… an Individual

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